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There are plenty of online IQ tests avalable. Here is a short review of top 5 online IQ tests provided by the top IQ testing sites. is the pioneeer in online IQ testing. The IQ test has 38 questions.  Each question has a statement. You have to determine whether the statements are true or false. The test is timed at 13 minutes. At the end of teh test you have to register to get your IQ score for free. After taking the test you can  purchase your Complete Intelligence Profile.

IQ Test Labs
The IQ test provided at IQ Tests Labs has 30 multiple choice questions and is scored automatically after 15 minutes. The free results include 25 pages of analysis packed with graphs, information, statistics, advice, and career tips.

Free IQ
The test provided at has 20 questions. The test is not timed. They only provide a free IQ score.

IQ Test -
The Complete IQ Test provided by is fit for people above the age of 16. The test has 30 questions and is timed at 20 mins. On completing the test, you need to register to access your IQ score. You need to purchase Premium Membership to in order to get access to your detailed reports.

IQ Test UK
The IQ test provided by has a series of logical puzzles represented graphically. At the end o the test you need to pay t o access your IQ score.